Friday, April 17, 2015

Prom Day Crazy

For some reason, my school has prom on a Friday night...which makes prom day crazy.  The students do not think they can do anything in class in the morning because "it's prom".  If it were allowed, then they would just not come to school at all.
Early release on prom day is a reward for selling a certain number of items in the class fundraiser--sell and earn an 11 a.m. early dismissal.  Others can check out at 2 p.m.if they met the specified criteria and a parent comes to  check them out in person. They can't get their tickets until their designated dismissal time.
My phrase for today was "it is prom--not a coronation; you will not be asked to rule a small nation." 
For the most part, my students did their work because they know they must do their work in my class.  They know better than to expect free days.
In the hallway, however, they were insane.
I wish we held prom on a Saturday.

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