Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Term; Old Problems

Tomorrow is the first time of the new semester and per usual, I'm wide awake when I should be fast asleep.
It will be a short week and I know what my students will be doing but I'm still re-evaluating my teaching from last semester to tweak this term's instruction.  However, I keep running into the same ol' problems.
I'm already plotting out lessons and finding not enough instructional hours for the material that I need to cover.
On the flip side, we've pared down the curriculum to the bare bones...and in my opinion, we've oversimplified everything.
We're told to have a more rigorous curriculum and then in the next breath, we have to defend ourselves if students fail--even if the student in question has not upheld his/her end of the academic bargain because it reflects poorly on the school in terms of accountability.
We're in this "accountability" box that has zero to do with student learning and preparing them for the world outside of high school.
No wonder I can't sleep.